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Hi! I’m Alexis, The Rental Girl: Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Village, Carthay Circle, Culver City Adjacent, East Hollywood, Hancock Park, Hancock Park Adjacent, Jefferson Park, Koreatown, Ladera Heights, Larchmont, Larchmont Adjacent , Leimert Park, Los Angeles, Mid-City, Mid-City, Mid-Wilshire, Mid-Wilshire, Miracle Mile, Pico-Union, View Park-Windsor Hills, West Adams, West Hollywood & Westlake. I’m here to help you in the following four ways...

  1. To notify you when I get new listings!

    Don’t see what you’re looking for on our site? Become our VIP member and we will notify you as soon as we get new listings that match your criteria.

  2. To help with general rental advice

    New to LA? Need to find a rental here? Is the neighborhood safe? When should you start looking? The Rental Girl blog is a great resource for renters. All these questions and more are addressed on our blog.


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    Don't have time to read our blog? Here are responses to five of our most frequently asked questions:

    How can The Rental Girl help me?

    The Rental Girl has neighborhood branches throughout Los Angeles. Each branch is operated by a unique rental agent. Our agents can show you any of the listings in their areas. You can view our current listings for free! Just click on the area you are looking in, and view the agent's current inventory. Click on the Showing Times tab to schedule a viewing. If you don't see anything you like, you can join our VIP list - it's free! We'll notify you when we get new listings that match your criteria.

    I don't see anything I like on The Rental Girl site. Can you help find me something else?

    We're a small boutique agency and specialize in fabulous rentals in each of our areas. We don't have access to all the rental listings in Los Angeles. Unlike "buyer's agents" who can take buyers around to all properties for sale, we can only show you our listings for rent. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles rental market isn't set up for "renters agents" like you would expect. You should join our VIP list (it's free!) to let us know what you're looking for. When we get new listings that match your criteria, we'll email you right away. You can join our VIP list here.

    I'm having a tough time finding an apartment. Can you help give advice?

    Yes! We get a lot of inquiries from renters for help. We have compiled a whole slew of information for you on our blog: to help you understand and navigate the LA rental market. Please note that The Rental Girl is a free service to renters and we get a lot of questions emailed to us. Because our agents are busy showing their listings and getting new listings, it's sometimes difficult for them to respond to everyone's general rental questions in a timely fashion. To help facilitate quicker responses, we have a put together a wonderfully curated blog that will address most of your general Los Angeles rental questions.

    I'm not sure which area I want to move to. I'm looking in a few different areas. Can I just call one agent?

    Each branch of The Rental Girl is independently operated. Each agent can only show the listings on her individual page. If you are not sure which area you want to live in, check out our blog: for advice on how to find a neighborhood and narrow down your search.

    I'm moving to LA from another city/state, help!

    We recommend you narrow down the neighborhood you desire to live. If you're not sure which neighborhood you want to live in, you can utilize our blog, talk to friends who live here, and post on your social media. Next, do some research and figure out a realistic budget for the area you want to live in. We suggest as a resource to find out what properties rent for in various areas. Last, keep in mind LA is competitive. Be prepared. You should have a complete application packet and lease signing funds ready before you start looking. When should you start looking? Properties rent fast in Los Angeles. Most landlords are looking for immediate move-ins. So be prepared to sign a lease that starts right away in order to be competitive. We suggest you start seriously looking 2-3 weeks before your ideal move in date. And though we rent to renters "sight unseen" frequently, we don't recommend it. Our #1 advice to those of you moving from out of town is this: put your stuff in storage and rent a short term rental for 1 month (search sublets on, or Take a month to get to know L.A. neighborhoods and research the rental market.

  3. To answer your questions about my current listings and schedule viewings!

    For instant information, check out the complete info/disclosures under each listing, including: Overview, Features, Video Tour/Images. Most questions are answered here. If I missed any info, shoot me an email or give me a call. Showings can be scheduled in advance (no more than a couple days advance is best) during business hours Monday-Friday, Saturdays (during our Rent Crawl). We are closed Sundays, holidays and evenings.

    Please note: I am out and about showing property and getting new listings. All calls/emails received will be returned asap or by the end of the next business day.

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  4. To assist you with future real estate needs.

    This time, I will help you rent. But next time, I will help you buy. Have you thought about purchasing a home? Or perhaps an income property? You may not be ready yet, but now is the time to start planning. Contact me to discuss.

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions - please take a look and see if you can find an answer to your question here!

What is The Rental Girl?

The Rental Girl is a rental service for Renters and Landlords in the Santa Monica, Venice and Marina del Rey neighborhoods. Landlords hire The Rental Girl to rent their vacancies. The Rental Girl is not a management company, she only leases vacancies.

How does The Rental Girl get paid?

Landlords hire The Rental Girl to rent out their vacancies.

Does The Rental Girl Charge a Fee?

NO! The Rental Girl is a FREE service to Renters.

I like The Rental Girl's Listings and I only want to rent from The Rental Girl.

The Rental Girl is not a Rental Agency. She is only one person and can not physically handle all the vacancies in the Los Angeles. In addition to your apartment hunting search, The Rental Girl recommends you join her VIP list, join and search

I'm not looking to move for another 1 and a half to 2 months or more; will your vacancies still be available?

Sorry, but NO! Apartments rent fast here. The Rental Girl recommends that you give yourself 30 days to find an apartment. If you start looking early, The Rental Girl recommends that you join her VIP list!

I saw an apartment I love, but I'm not ready to move until the end of the month. Can you hold the apartment for me with a deposit?

Sorry, but NO! The Rental Girl does not HOLD apartments. If you apply and are accepted into an apartment you must sign a lease and give 1st months rent and deposit at time of signing.

I want to rent an apartment I was accepted in, but I only want to pay deposit now and 1st months rent when I move in.

SORRY! The Rental Girl cannot rent an apartment without full payment of rent and deposit.

Can I pay 1st months rent and deposit with cash?

Sorry, but no. You must pay 1st months rent and deposit in the form of CASHIERS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER made out to the landlord or management company. From then on, all payments can be made with a personal check. Most landlords will not accept cash.

I'm a student and I have no income, will you rent to me?

You will be considered. Check out the APPLY NOW page and present all BASIC REQUIREMENTS and CO-SIGNER REQUIREMENTS. You will also need to present a letter of acceptance from your school or student ID.

I'm moving to L.A. from out of town. Will you rent to me?

You will be considered. Check out the APPLY NOW page and present all BASIC REQUIREMENTS and POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS. You will also need to present a letter of acceptance from your new employer.

I have my own credit report. Will you accept it?

Sorry, but no.

I work in the Film Industry, or I am Self Employed. Will you rent to me?

You will be considered. Check out the APPLY NOW page and present all BASIC REQUIREMENTS and POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS. You will need to prove that your income is at least 3 times the rent.

I have a Dog, will you rent to me?

If the landlord accepts pets, The Rental Girl will consider renting to you. The Rental Girl will talk to you about your pet and your specific needs. The Rental Girl must first meet and screen your pet before a lease is signed.

Is the screening fee/credit check fee refundable?

Before you apply or turn in the screening fee, be sure you want the apartment or house. The screening fee/credit check money is not refundable because the screening process starts the moment you pay the fee.


Baldwin Hills , Baldwin Village , Carthay Circle , Culver City Adjacent , East Hollywood , Hancock Park , Hancock Park Adjacent , Jefferson Park , Koreatown , Ladera Heights , Larchmont , Larchmont Adjacent , Leimert Park , Los Angeles , Mid-City , Mid-City , Mid-Wilshire , Mid-Wilshire , Miracle Mile , Pico-Union , View Park-Windsor Hills , West Adams , West Hollywood & Westlake