The Rental Girl
About Us

The Rental Girl is a Los Angeles Leasing Agency under the TRG Realty Company brokerage. We have neighborhood branches throughout Los Angeles. Each branch is operated by a unique individual real estate agent. We provide Renters with *free* apartment and home rental listings.

That's right. We said it. We mean it. FREE.

Ok, you still don't get it? Let us explain: Landlords hire us to rent out their vacant units. The landlord pays us. Therefore YOU, our dear renters, pay nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero!

Here at The Rental Girl, we are big on empowering Renters. We are here to guide you through the leasing process: we'll help you put together a unbelievably amazing application package that will be sure to make you stand out about the rest; we have a rental blog full of advice on renting in LA; we offer you access to all our listings for FREE; when you're approved for a property, we'll walk you through the lease explaining each paragraph in detail; we hand you the keys to your new place and guide you through the move in procedure and let you know what to expect when you move out.

AND then, in a  few years when you decide to buy - we'll be here for you. But don't wait - talk to us now about preparing for the future. What does home ownership entail? What are your options? What can you do over the next year or so to prepare yourself financially and mentally for home buying?

Whether you rent or buy, we're here to find you a home and help you along the way.

Serving happy landlords and grateful renters since 2002.